So cute ❤️

So cute ❤️

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Binge eating right about now. 😑 

No good!

Binge eating right about now. 😑

No good!


“Be mindful.” 'Always take note of people who support you genuinely, those are the people you want to keep around'

Feeling rather confused..

Truth be told, work keeps a happy home, work provides simple necessities, work provides unforeseen luxuries & work simply provides.

Yes, I turn up an hour early to work everyday, Yes I finish my work before going home… Occasionally & Yes I believe I am a good worker.

But it always brings me to the fact that I want to be in a role where it fulfils every aspect of my being, a role which simply makes me happy about waking up in the morning..

No I am not complaining about my job nor am I looking to quit anytime soon, but have you ever sat there and wondered how different life would be if we all worked in employment which brings meaning in our lives..

I’ve always wanted to work in a role which was to help… Give…. Be involved in the community, be more hands on, but getting these sorts of opportunities would mean I would have to study, I love the idea of being fully informed about my choice of career path & I fully regret not taking that opportunity in the early stages of my life… But is it to late now?

The thought of study scares me, not because I’m lazy, cause believe me I love to work hard, but in all seriousness I always over prepare myself & scared to follow through. 😟

Hard to explain.. But in simple form I’m scared of failure… Scared of starting something and not finishing it, yes if I want to succeed in it I would have to persevere but I always have the ‘What if’ notion in the back of my mind which irritates me to the point of frustration.

Am I really made for these office jobs? Am I a indoor or a outdoor person, do I work well with clients in person or through the phone..

What is it that I want to do in my life that will make me happy..

Loved children… So I worked in a child care centre.

Loved socialising.. So I worked in a bar.

Loved being independent… So I worked in a shop.. Alone. My own boss. Opened and closed the store.

Loved interacting with people… So I worked in a Takeaway outlet..

Here I have experienced several careers which have allowed me to work and see people from all walks of life.. But still sitting here wondering, how can I do more for myself as a person and be in a role which truly inspires me to work to the best of my abilities..

Every thing I do, it always comes back to working with the community, it must be a cultural thing because being Samoan has helped me show empathy towards all people & this is something I have such joy in doing.

Hmmm… So many thoughts..

Right now… In this very moment.. The only thing that comes to mind is being a good mummy for my girls and making sure they know there are endless opportunities out there & if they love something so much I will support every step of the way..

A whole lot of mumble jumble in this novel but hopefully you get my drift..

If you want something…

Work for it.. It doesn’t get handed to you without hard work.

Whilst saying that… mummy is still searching for the right job.. Beggars can’t be choosers also… So if you have to start from the bottom… So be it.

Love mummy.

I wuvvvv you girls so much 😘

I wuvvvv you girls so much 😘


DST family ❤️


Sunday Sunshine with my babies.


Uncle and Aunty taught Isis how to skate ❤️


When your trying to watch your favourite programme & these two are in the way… 😑😂

Daddy is such a good artist, he’s teaching you how to draw Isis ❤️

Daddy is such a good artist, he’s teaching you how to draw Isis ❤️

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